We Are Walking


Help us out

This week there is a group of people, family and friends, coming to Boise, Idaho for an event so epic it is indescribable. Family flying, because driving costs too much for the distance to be covered. Family driving, because they only need 5-6 hours to get there. Crowded houses, crowded cars, little kids, adults, everyone will get together.

The epic event? MS Walk 2014, the biggest fundraiser for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society of the year. All these people will put up discomfort, expenses, and heat for a few hours of fun walking on Saturday, April 19, at 8:30 in the morning!

The MS Walk takes place in a park setting in Boise. We will all walk about three miles, officially known as 5K. Note, it is not a 5K run, or a fun run, although one can run if desired. It is a 5K walk. Most of us with ms no longer run, we walk. For some, it is a one hour walk. For others, it is close to 8 hours. For me, this year, it will a little over an hour, under two.

We will be there to show support for victims of multiple sclerosis. I have that disease, along with hundreds of thousands of other people. It affects each person a little bit differently, yet the astute person can see similarities. We will be raising money to help those ms victims that need help. It will be fun, yet sober. This disease is not like many others. I call it an equal opportunity disease. It can strike anyone, at any time. It does not have very many symptoms of its own. It mostly mimics many other illnesses, and they are eliminated by testing. When you get to “no known cause”, and the MRI and possibly the spinal tap are positive for ms, they label you as “possibly ms”. They still can not be 100% positive without an autopsy.

All these people are coming together because I have this disease. They are walking at such a time that most would normally still be in bed. They are doing this for me. I must be pretty important to them, and sometimes I don’t remember that. Too many times, I forget to be grateful. Too many times, I forget they are there only because of me. If I did not have this disease, most of them would not be doing this walk. Some of the money would not be collected. Some of the victims of ms would not get the material they so desperately need to be able read and hear.

Please give if you can, ask others to give if you can ask. I will be doing three MS Walks this year. Saturday, April 19 in Boise, Idaho. Saturday, April 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Saturday, September 20 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I will be doing these walks because this year, I can walk. I have not been able to walk every year, but this year, I can. I have asked many people to please donate. A few people did. Thank you if you have donated. If you have not, thank you for thinking of me. Thank my entire support team for their great support over the years. This is my 6th or 7th year participating in the MS Walk. I have been doing this since 2004, the year of my first walk. I can’t really remember what number this is for me, I missed a few years, when I could not remember why we were getting together.

To donate, please click the link. Give to Team Charlies Angels, that is my support team.

The team has a website! It is here, let us know any suggestions or issues.