MS Walk 2014 Boise Summary


Team Charlies Angels did it! We walked in Boise, Idaho on April 19, 2014. This is great, for several reasons. For one, we walked on the Saturday before Easter. For another, we had over 30 people on our team. Another reason is that we raised over $1000.00! Thanks to everyone that donated or walked!

The day of the walk, we gathered at Julia Davis Park in Boise. It was kind of a nice day, a little bit chilly at 8:30 AM. However, we had a great turnout, with lots of neat tables set up for vendors and those teams that raised over $1000 last year and this year. Since we only walked in Idaho Falls last year, we did not qualify for our own table. However, next year we will!

For those arriving at the park early, the MS Society had coffee, donuts, and fruit available. We also got together and had our team photo taken before the walk. Not everyone on the team made the photo, since we had to have it done before 9:30 and the walk did not start until 10:00. However, we got as many of us as we could into it.

We were fortunate enough to have the shirts for Team Charlies Angels donated by Shadows Embroidery and Screen Printing of Boise again. Many thanks to Byl for that favor. Please send some business their way if you of someone needing their services.

Final donations for this walk are due in by May 31, 2014, so if you have anyone that still wants to donate, or funds to collect, it is okay. We won’t have the final totals until after May 31, of course. There were many photo’s taken along with the team photos. I will supply the link when the MS Society gives them to me. For now, I have the team photo from Marion and Jackie. Many thanks to those two for all their assistance. The weather cooperated for this one, and even Jackie walked a mile.

It was great seeing all the team again. This is one of those times that we all manage to get together, even though sometimes we stumble over each other. I think it would be great to be able to do this again next year, health permitting. I would like to see a team captain in Boise, myself. It is a bit of pain trying to motivate and manage from so far away.

Planning these things is a bit like planning a dinner. If you invite 40 people, and 5 respond, you would be a bit frustrated when all 40 show up. It seems you are supposed to know who will be there and plan accordingly. Sometimes that just doesn’t work. Maybe next year, we can all sign up at least a month before the walk.

I had planned on walking in Las Vegas the Saturday after Boise. Unfortunately, due to the weather being rainy, cool, and very windy, I could not do that. However, we are still planning to walk in Idaho Falls in September, and everyone is invited to join us!

A special thanks to those who tried to get to walk on time, but just didn’t make it, too! It is still great to know you care enough to sign up and show up, even if it was later than you planned.

If anyone has ideas how to make the walk better for our team, please either comment on the website, or email me. You all have my email address, so feel free to email me. I will do what I can to make things happen.