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I am Charlie Kravetz, formerly of Bessemer, Michigan. I am living in Idaho, in the northwest United States. I am a computer geek, who enjoys helping others. I spent 20 years in the United States Air Force. I separated in September 1992, and worked for a solar screen company in Las Vegas, Nevada for a while. I then moved to Idaho and became a journeyman plumber. In the year 2000, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). That helped explain many issues I had hanging onto tools and equipment. The MS causes extreme fatigue, muscle weakness on the right side, a lot of pain, and occasional bouts of loss of my legs and hands completely. I am a bit sarcastic at times, and very frustrated at other times. I have learned to live with MS, and I will state that just because I have a disease does not mean the disease owns me. I have a motto I have used for many years now. It is a short but apt one-liner. I stole it from the energizer bunny commercials that used to be on TV. I just keep going. Nothing fancy about it, but it has worked for me. I have bicycled or walked my entire life. The MS has taken the bicycle ability away now, but I still try to walk whenever possible. I walk, apparently a lot, according to my neighbors. I notice things when I walk, but that will be a separate post. For now, I will say I smile at people, say Hello, and just keep going. Being somewhat vision impaired, I do use very big fonts in my browser and desktop. I use Linux, and have not used Windows since 3.1 came out. I did not buy or upgrade to 3.11. I have used Ubuntu or Xubuntu since 2005, with occasional bouts with Fedora Linux and other distributions. I have a done a lot of software testing, and a bit of program writing. I have always considered myself a user of computers, with the ability to modify things to suit my own use. I enjoy traveling, and have been to over half the states in the United States, as well as several other countries. I sometimes strive to learn foreign languages, including computer languages. Having grown up in the midwest, I greet most people I meet. I usually smile and say hello. That makes me appear outgoing, when I am an introvert. I seldom join in the parties, and do not do so well in a crowd. I am a reader, not an author. I have no published books. I do review many of the books I read, and I do publish the reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, and SmashWords if they carry the books. I firmly believe computers have a place in the world today. However, I think allowing the computer to take over would be very wrong. It bothers me, a lot, when I see a family busily texting instead of talking to each other. There should be room in life for both. You will find me hanging around in google+ rather than any other social site. I tried to like Twitter, but found it was not quite right for me. I do not have any other social networking accounts now. If you are on google+, say hello and mention where you saw my introduction.

Accessibility Presentation SCALE_13x

Accessibility In Software

I spent last weekend in Los Angeles, attending SCALE 13x. This is a big open source software conference. They have a huge exhibition/vendor floor, as well as many sessions throughout the 4 days of the conference. One of those sessions was my own presentation on Accessibility in Software. I tend to take the side of the disabled, since I do have multiple sclerosis. I have been blind, I have lost the use of both hands, one at a time. This was my first time attending SCALE, and it was great! I enjoyed walking through the exhibitions hall, and I enjoyed the sessions I was able to attend. Of course, I could not hope to get to every session, there are just too many. The weather was very comfortable for the conference period. Some people would say 13 is unlucky, but for me, it seemed like the luckiest number in a long time.

My own presentation is available for your viewing pleasure here, on YouTube. I would suggest anyone that is in need of accessible software should take a look at it. I covered mostly open source and FOSS, but I also mentioned Microsoft.

I am planning to do my best to get to SCALE 14x next year. I will have a better idea of what to expect, and will be able to plan my days better.

I do need to give Larry Cafiero a big thank you for all his support. Also, a thank you to all the volunteers that made this event happen. It does take a lot of work to set up a conference that size. Along with setting it up, they have to be available during the four days it goes on.

I mention my email and website in the video, sometimes these are difficult to read on screen. The website is this one. Email is charlie AT teamcharliesangels dot com. ´╗┐You can also click on EMAIL webmaster.